Friday, February 24, 2006


The practice of cupping has a long history in China, Egypt, and Europe. Recently, it has gained some followers here in the U.S.

I began offering cupping massage last year at National Fish Therapeutic Massage.

Cupping involves using a variety of tulip-shaped suction cups, inverted and placed over key points on the body. The suction of the cups stretches muscles and connective tissue, relieves inflammation, and softens knots and adhesions in ways not possible using the pressure of traditional massage.

Cupping relaxes the nervous system and aids to relieve fibromyalgia.

It feels great!

-- Lee Petrie-Springer

Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome to National Fish

National Fish Therapeutic Massage has been in business above the old newspaper building, The Courier, since 1996.

With credentials from the Chicago Institute of Massage Therapy and the Tuina Institute, National Fish provides many kinds of therapeutic massage.

Recently, Chinese cupping practice has been added and new facial techniques are planned for 2006.

Watch this space for more news and information about National Fish Therapeutic Massage.

Thank you!

-- Lee Petrie-Springer